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We help you assess your institution’s education technology maturity!

The Naace Self-Review Framework (SRF) is an institution improvement framework that addresses teaching and learning concerns by prompting institutional self-reflection about the qualitative use of Education Technology, institutions can then use it to create Education Technology implementation strategies within their institutions. On top of providing tools for institutions to use, they can also apply for the NaaceMark certification, an award that sets a gold standard for best practices in educational technology, ensuring the awarded institution has achieved the desired level of excellence in six main areas of maturity: (1) Leadership and Management, (2) Teaching and Learning Technology, (3) Assessment of Digital Capability, (4) Digital Safeguarding, (5) Professional Development, and (6) Resources and Technology.

Naace SRF Online Tool

Using the Naace SRF Online tool, you can record your progress in each area within the framework. You can keep a personal record, but you will also be able to invite your colleagues to contribute, so everybody that’s involved with your institution’s education technology can pitch in to ensure it’s as accurate as possible.
Once you’re excelling in all areas of education technology, the Naace SRF Online tool will also enable you to apply for the NaaceMark award. The NaaceMark award is representative of the modern curriculum delivery available to all students. By displaying the institution’s achievement, you can demonstrate to parents and governors how your institution is committed to enhancing teaching and learning through technology.

You can access the text-based version of the Naace Self Review Framework free of charge by becoming a Naace member.

Utilise the guidance for each Element and Aspect

When you are working on your Naace SRF you will find helpful guidance on the right-hand side of the screen in a box labeled "Related Information". You can find out more about the aspect; check out suggested sources of evidence for your NaaceMark assessment, and see suggested action points for developing your practice in this area.

Renewing your account

If you are a current user of the Naace SRF online tool and your account has expired, your institution Administrator must login to this site within 30 days of expiry and renew your subscription.

If your account is not renewed within 30 days of its expiry, then your data will have been archived for a limited time. Your institution Administrator can still login and re-instate the account and its’ data for an additional fee or delete the account and all data associated with it (your data is automatically downloaded when this is done). If you wish to set-up a new institution account (with no data) and so avoid the additional fee, your previous account must be deleted before you can do so.

Need Further Assistance?

You will find further information on the FAQs page, but if you have additional questions or want to discuss your institution's needs, you can contact Eummena, via email or the contact form in the upper navigation bar.

Create your Eummena SRF Account

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