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Purchasing options

Eummena makes an annual subscription charge to access and use the online Naace SRF tool. You can purchase a one year subscription direct from Eummena.

Benefits of being a Eummena Naace member

Naace SRF & Online Portal
You get access to the Self-Review Framework Tool to evaluate your school and get insights to improve your EdTech strategy and practices.

Community of Education Technology Leaders
Join a community of schools that share the same commitment for preparing their students for the digital economy.

Periodical EdTech Tool Updates
We commit to highlighting useful tools that can help schools by supporting teaching and learning practices.

Accreditation Pathway
Becoming a Naace member is the first step towards achieving the NaaceMark Accreditation and Millennium Learning Award for your school.

Become Exemplary
We will periodically create school profiles of NaaceMark awarded schools on our website, highlighting good practices encountered on our evaluations.

Holistic Accreditation
The Naace SRF was created as a national standard by the UK MoE, and covers every aspect of education technology implementation. Existing accreditations can be considered valid under an in-depth review so we focus on evaluating the complete picture.

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